Tom Morton is no stranger to television crossing paths in life with numerous household celebrities like Jonathan Ross,Rikki Lake,Danni Behr,Peter Ustinov,Jason Donovan,Lorraine Kelly,Esther Rantzan and Vanessa Feltz to name-drop a few in a world where yesterday’s news became today’s fish’n’chips wrapper.

In the heady days prior to the advent of the Internet,Tom was regularly appearing on national television under the auspice of sponsorship deals with Coke-Cola & Index the catalogue shop or the promise of breaking the World Pi Record.

However nothing whatsoever came of Tom’s appearance on the popular BBC magazine programme That’s Life in 1993 when he beat the British Telecom Olympia Directory Enquiries computor in Manchester,but what do you expect when you don’t at this time have a clearly defined end product.

After his media ‘Rejection’ and lack-lustre end of Pier show he became very cynical and totally reclusive and dropped out of society to become a taxi driver-And what a taxi driver he was!

He knew every house,every road and every cobble in Lancashire condemned to serve half-a-million miles like a lost soul preaching his philosophy with the passengers.

At the end of each tax year his accountant would request his records to which Tom would recite them from memory but after his first season on the road he learn’t very quickly that there are certain people you don’t show of to!

It is very sad that in his youth his memory skills had the shelf-life of a Sinclair C-5 but he thinks he can return to where he never was in the first place with that wisdom of expercience to cash in on his giftedness with an end product that would set out to benefit the many advertisers making up the structure of this enormous website presented to memory.

T.L.Morton 1/1/2009 speaking in the first person-


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